Live Interviews. Pre Recorded Video Interviews. Team Analysis. Scoring. Emotion Analysis. Image Analysis. Results. 


Improving candidate engagement with your brand. Reducing the number of candidate no-shows. 

No more scheduling headaches.  Review and compare Candidate's answers

Consistent interview process.  No geographical restrictions

No time wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates 

Speeds up recruitment. Improves quality of hire


IntRec Live Video Interviews

IntRec Live Interviews let you interview, watch, review recordings and add feedback across your hiring team.


Live Video Interviews Made Simple

Attend IntRec Live interviews from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, with a tap of your finger.


Evaluate Candidates

Share your feedback about candidates during or after the interview. Note down your comments instantly and share them with your team.


Interviews That Schedule Automatically According to Your Availability

IntRec Live Interviewing integrates with your calendar to check your availability. It synchronises your availability with the candidates. You can schedule email reminders a day before the interview or at any timing and frequency.


Everyone on the Same Page

Collaborative hiring is easy with IntRec. Democratise candidate selection and reduce the number of screening rounds by getting multiple team members to join the interview at the same time. Evaluate candidates and make hiring decisions quicker, together.


IntRec Pre-recorded Video Interviews

IntRec Pre-recorded Interviews let you interview, watch, review recordings and add feedback across your hiring team.



One-Way Video Interviews

Gain more insight into Candidates in a fraction of the time by having Candidate’s self-record video answers to your interview questions.



Build your Candidate experience from the ground up so interviews are consistent and personalized.


Interview Evaluation

IntRec helps determine which candidates you like best, organize your shortlists, and easily get back to candidates.


Interview Collaboration

Make better decisions by sharing interviews with an unlimited number of hiring managers to collect instant feedback.


Expressions reflect the inner most soul

Facial expressions are innate to all humans and are one of the primary ways we express our emotions.

IntRec uses emotion recognition technologies to capture and measure real-time facial expressions and precisely decode and convert facial, head and eye movements into the underlying emotions for the recruitment process.

Emotion-enable IntRec apps to recognise how Candidates feel and respond to interview questions. Detect universal facial expressions like happiness, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and fear to build additional information of the Candidate’s personality.


Automatically find out which content gets the most interest, by analysing Candidate’s head movements. Attention is the new currency, IntRec uses it to target Candidate’s interest and personality.


IntRec adds our fast, accurate and anonymous face analysis to any online interview to analysis

Facial Expressions

Age Estimation

Gender Estimation


Mood Estimation

Head Pose Estimation

Clothing Style

Face Detection

Face Verification

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