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Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:



Companies and Employers must show that they are modern and  innovative to attract the best Talent.

The Organisation culture is very important to reduce the risk of dropout and match Candidates personality to Employers job offers.

IntRec understands the importance of Company profile. This is why we invest a great deal of Time and Technology in helping Companies create the perfect company  profile to attract Candidates.


We use Machine Learning and Feedback to learn which type of profile attract the best candidates.


The perfect Company Profile will include

Promotional Video

Social Media links

Company Story 


IntRec uses AI and Machine Learning to create the perfect Job advert.

To create the perfect job advert Company needs provide good working condition. IntRec will need answers  to the following


Job Information

Job Description, job address, Ideal Candidate Personality Type

Salary: IntRec uses AI and ML to check market rates

Number of Candidates required

Test and Assessment provided by IntRec or Company upload own Test and Assessments

Online Interview questions (IntRec own or Upload your Own)

Keywords and Answers

Time Job offers closes

Date and Time for Final Interviews

Candidate Search Area

Local, City, District, Country, EU

Ideal Candidate Profile Calculator

The combination result for recruitment of Candidate

CV %, Personality %, Test & Assessment  % and Interview %


Job Description

Visible to Candidates


About the Company

About the Job

Qualifications required

Working conditions


Personality type

Company Video

Number of candidates

Job Posting

Company website

Job Boards

Social Media


Specialised Magazines



Methods of Marketing

App, Website, SaaS, API 


Personality is a scientifically-proven predictor of job performance and assessing a candidate’s behavioural tendencies in a work environment allows IntRec to understand if a candidate will, in fact, be a top performer and if he will fit the culture of the company.

personality assessment beats the traditional methods of gathering information and provides IntRec with objective insights that significantly improve the candidate selection.


IntRec Company interface allows Company to add Team members, departments or external recruiters 


Create Job adverts and post Job offer

Add Candidates reviews and comments

Candidates adminstration

Headhunting for candidates

Discuss candidates results and ranking

Upload Company Videos, Interviews Q & A,Test and Assessments


Live or Pre-Recorded Interviews

Live interviews are perfect if the number of Candidates the Company wants to interview are limited.

Pre-recorded interview are perfect for interviewing many Candidates. Candidates can take the interview at any time before the Job post expires on their Smart phones via IntRec APP or computers via IntRec website.

Company can choose to use IntRec smart interview question for a specific Job sector or Upload their own questions.

All interviews systems use IntRec Image and Emotion recognition software to analysis the Candidates.


Selected Candidate chosen by the Company from IntRec Candidate Ranking will be invited for a FACE TO FACE interview.

IntRec will inform the candidates date, place, time, person responsible for Interview. what to take to the interview, dress code and Link to Google maps: Location, how to get there and transportation methods


Candidate must

Confirm attendance

Refuse Interview

Cancel a Booked Interview attendance

Interview Reminders will be sent to the Candidate


Companies can offer Candidates a Job position via IntRec Company Dashboard to Candidate 


Company will send the Candidate

Start Date

Work address

Type of Contract

Working Conditions

Name of Manager


Dress  Code

Training to be given

 Additional support if candidate requires

Candidate must accept or refuse the Job offer