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IntRec use Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning to create the most innovative recruitment app for entry level and high turnover job market.


Personality Analysis via Video

IntRec machine learning solution has been developed for personality detection, with an emphasis on deep learning-based methods. This provides the most advanced approaches to automated personality detection, and state-of-the-art machine learning models for personality detection with specific focus on analysing OCEAN personality traits via video. Extraversion, Agreeableness, Openness, Conscientiousness, and Neuroticism; often referred by the acronym OCEAN.

Machine Learning

IntRec leverages information received via our Candidate and employer feedback channels to learn and improve our recruitment and Prediction technology. Our AI also constantly checks the market to lean about salaries, peaks, working conditions and successful job adverts that attract the best talent

Hiring the right fit for your company and the position is important for many different reasons. Good hires drive revenue and growth, contribute to great company cultures, and even attract more top talent by their mere presence at your company. Bad hires, on the other hand, can be an expensive mistake and disruptive to business as usual.


Inclusive AI Job Ads

Writing recruitment ads is an art: one that requires you to write eye-catching ad copy, while also ensuring that you’re not alienating a portion of your target candidates.


This type of writing promotes diversity recruiting, and is a sound tactic for optimising the reach and effectiveness of your ad. IntRec uses a wide range of online tools and AI technologies to help create and audit job ads to ensure that they’re as inclusive as possible.


Programmatic advertising

IntRec innovative recruitment technique allows you to automate the posting of job ads onto your “usual” list of job sites and Social media. This allows Companies to create job ads targeting specific personalities and skills that they are looking for to fill a given position. Company’s ads are then put in front of the right target audience, giving you a higher likelihood of landing a quality applicant.


Candidate and Employer review

Like it or not, employer review have become a go-to source of information for job seekers. That means that your company and culture is important to attract talent. Our machine learning and AI request and collect feedback and reviews which is used to improve the recruitment process


Innovative companies and employers can leverage this source of information provided by IntRec to identify their weaknesses and make improvements to their internal processes and employer brand. Likewise, you can be proactive and engage with comments on IntRec to gather more information on specific issues, and to show Candidates that you actively care about improving



Are parts of the AI and machine learning process IntRec uses in our online interview software. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU).
Speech recognition is an integral component of IntRec’s NLP, which incorporates AI and machine learning. NLP algorithms are used to understand natural speech in order evaluate Interview answers.
Natural language understanding. Once the language has been broken down, it is time for the program to understand, find meaning, and perform sentiment analysis. The program breaks language down into digestible bits that are easier to understand. It does that by analysing the text semantically and syntactically. IntRec uses NLU to understand and evaluate interview answers.


Video interviewing

Video interviewing is an innovative recruitment tactic that’s gained steam with the improvement in teleconferencing technologies. Interviews and pre-screens through video allow you to widen your geographic search area dramatically, increasing the size of your candidate pool. It also save time employers would usually spend with in-person interviews.


There are even some video pre-assessment platforms that provide intelligence into verbal response rates, eye movement, body language, and non-verbal cues that can help you objectively analyse video interview results.


Structured interviews

Structured interviews are a great tool for objectively screening and selecting candidates. Gone are the days when employers would hire “from the gut”. The cost of a bad hire is too high to allow for subjectivity in a hiring decision.


Structured interviews are a technique whereby all candidates receive the same questions, in the same order, and are graded using the same scorecard. IntRec innovative recruitment tactic gives companies the confidence that they are objectively made the right decision in who makes it through the screening phase.

Structured interviews can be divided into situational and behavioural: situational interviews ask candidates to describe how they would behave in a simulated context, whereas behavioural interviews ask candidates to describe what they did in a similar context. 


Ideal Candidate Calculator ICC

Candidate potential and abilities can be assessed in several ways and at various stages of the recruitment process, including CV, Interview, Personality test, Assessment and Behaviour. Depending on the type of job offer, you may find that the best way to identify the best candidate will be via a combination of stages with more focus given to one stage than the other.


Data-driven processes

Collecting and analysing important data around recruitment lets IntRec know which tactics are working, which aren’t, and what decisions need to be made going forward

IntRec learns from passed data to learn how to predict future data.


Talent pools and headhunting

IntRec allows companies to keep a database of candidates to consider for future positions. These databases, or talent pools, can be searched and sorted to zero in on known prospects with the skills and experience you’re looking for.


This innovative recruitment idea is useful for various reasons. First, it reduces the need to constantly source net new candidates. Second, it can help with nurturing your relationship with certain candidates, as you’ll be more likely to reach out to them periodically. And finally, talent pools provide a backlog of high-calibre candidates that can be mined at any time when you have a new position to fill.

IntRec App will be available on Google Play and Apple IOS mobile devices

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